Committees In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Aktion Club

Purpose: Provides guidance and support to a club formed to provide adults with developmental and/or physical disadvantages the opportunity to return to their community the benefits, help and caring they received while also striving to develop important skills. Duties: Attend the AKTION Club meetings and provide support to them for their various activities and fund raising.

Environmental Issues

Purpose: Promotes environmental awareness and provides improvements in the Milwaukee area. Duties: Sponsors and conducts various activities that inform and educate the public on environmental issues. Members participate in local environmental projects such as river clean-up and removal of invasive species. Also works with other environmental groups to restore impacted urban areas to its former state.

Human & Spiritual Values

Purpose: Provides “thoughts of the day and/or Invocations during the Club’s weekly meetings, arranges special programs and conducts food and clothing drives to benefit the community Duties: Plans the Easter and Thanksgiving programs. Plans and executes various clothing and food drives throughout the year.

International Relations

Purpose: Hosts and promotes exchanges with international visitors. Welcomes foreign students and is an advocate for the AFS Program. Duties: Works with the program committee to schedule an international speaker for a weekly meeting. The committee plans the AFS program for members.

K Family

Purpose: Works with college, high school, middle and grade school students to support and monitor community service activities and promote participation in K family projects. Duties: Attend K family meetings at the various schools. Encourage High School and College schools to attend meetings often and become involved in Kiwanis Activities. Educating children and promoting service. Recruit more Kiwanis members to be advisors.

Public and Business Affairs

Purpose: Supports Club members’ awareness and appreciation of business, governmental and voluntary sectors via the Program Committee. Duties: Seeks nominations, reviews and presents for Board approval candidates for the Club’s annual Kiwanis Milwaukee Award and Hall of Fame Award. The committee hosts the Armed Forces Week luncheon. Coordinates setup of lunch programs with the Program Committee.

School Mentoring

Purpose: Provides tutoring and mentoring at grade schools and financial support for teaching materials and books. Duties: Members adopt a classroom and assist teachers with reading and other activities. Provides reimbursement to teachers for activities and supplies. Recruit club members to be mentors.

Young Children/Priority One

Purpose: Provides a variety of support and service on an on-going basis for various children’s and youth groups. Duties: Members provide monthly dinners at the Ronald McDonald House, perform vision screening at various MPS schools and distribute pumpkins to a variety of youth groups.



Purpose: Raises adequate funds to support the Club’s service committees and Club’s Charitable Foundation. Duties: Work with other Committees on potential fundraising events. This committee coordinates and executes all fundraising activities for the club. Develop plans for new fundraising activities, review and submit to board for approval.


Purpose: Promotes positive relations with Kiwanis Clubs and K Family Clubs within the division, district and international. Duties: Seek out information on other clubs events to announce to club members and promote our Club’s events to other clubs.

Membership Development/Orientation/Attendance

Purpose: Assists and encourages members in recruiting new Kiwanians from a variety of backgrounds and vocational interests. Assists Board of Directors in promotion of membership retention and in identifying reasons for member resignations. Duties: Works with club members in promoting club retention, identify areas to reward members and ways to keep members engaged in club activities. Reviews new member applications and recommends member to the Board. Provides education and orientation to new members.


Purpose: Provides weekly luncheon speakers representing diversity and community topics of interest to club members. The committee arranges for off-site meetings that provide informative programs of public interest. Duties: Overall responsibility to manage the format and provide speakers for weekly meetings. Work with other committees to gain recommendations and facilitate programs. Consider programs that will especially draw people from outside the club membership. Develop a list of pote

Public Relations/Achievement

Purpose: Uses all media opportunities to promote club and member accomplishments and activities. Duties: Assists club leadership to maintain timely and useful internal communications for the Club’s meetings. Records and reposts activities of the members for their personal recognition within and outside of the Club and ensure the Club’s good standing with KI.

Social Affairs

Purpose: Promotes fun and friendship among club members and their families through entertainment, special events such as holiday parties, etc. The committee promotes networking opportunities, as well as social interaction to members. Duties: Provide events and strategies to create social events to recruit and retain membership.


Purpose: Provide funding support to the Kiwanis Club of Milwaukee service committees through the annual golf outing. Duties: Identify and secure cash/in-kind sponsors; obtain donated items for auction/raffle; encourage Kiwanis members to donate, golf, and/or volunteer for the event; research other golf events to identify successful fundraising efforts.