Kiwanis Club History

1977 – The new Kiwanis Children’s Center at Curative rehabilitation Center was dedicated.
1979 – Kiwanis Club of Milwaukee foundation, inc. was created.
1982 – Kiwanis sponsors and directs the first Milwaukee river clean-up project along Milwaukee County parks.
1983 – William Hirst serves as Lt. Governor.
1985 – The club sponsored a Kiwanis night at the brewers game and inter-club tailgate party.
1987 – Club embarks on a student attendance program to combat low attendance by high school students.  Women are allowed to join the Club.
1988 – The club begins managing a concession stand at the Bradley Center as a fundraiser.
1990 – Club begins participating in the one on one program as mentors. Merle Cook serves as Lt. Governor.
1991 – Club celebrates 75th anniversary with special activities all year long.
1992 – The vice president of the u.s.a., Daniel Quayle, spoke at our Club meeting.
1994 – Held a Mini-Grand Prix race as a major fund raiser.  Helped establish a new nonprofit organization: River Revitalization Foundation.
1995 – Terry McGeorge serves as Lt. Governor.
1996 – Made a three year Commitment to YMCA Holton youth Center.
1998 – Presented an exhibit booth at new Convention Center. Michael Pierski serves as Lt. Governor.
1999 – Reached IDD goal of $ 50,000. Held joint meeting with rotary. sponsored new Metro (nights) Club.
2000 – Changed club meeting format.
2001 – formed 5th Aktion Club in Kiwanis international.
2004 – Mary Chyla retires after 30 years with the club.
2005 – Liz Van Engel serves as lt. Governor.
2006 – 90th anniversary Celebration.
2007 – The Club holds a thrive flu clinic, a Kiwanis international initiative. Larry Crouch serves as lieutenant Governor.
2008 – The 5th annual “Kiwi open” golf outing raised its most monies, over $15,000. the club presented Marquette University with the Hall of Fame award and Gwen Jackson with the Kiwanis Milwaukee award.
2009 – The Club partnered with friends of Bradford Beach and sponsored four sandcastle contests for the “family days at Bradford beach” event. Liz Van Engel serves as Lt. Governor.
2010 – The “Kiwanis landing” begins as an initiative of the environmental Committee.  Liz Van Engel continues to serve as Lt. Governor.
2011 – The club raised $ 63,500 of the $100,000 five year goal for Kiwanis landing.  Associate memberships were created to help attract young professionals.

2012 - Significant changes and updates to bylaws were initiated by the Board.

2013 - Bylaw changes were approved by members and Kiwanis International. 

2014 - The Club sponsored a new Key Club at Shorewood High School and met all the requirements to be honored as a Distinguished Club.  The final installment payment on Kiwanis Landing was made one year ahead of schedule.

2015 - The Club performs vision screening on 5,550 children at 37 different Milwaukee Public Schools.

2016 - 100th Anniversary Year filled with special speakers and 10 additional community service projects.